Evan Gearing's Photography Exposition

A Little Photo Fun (TOT)

I went to the Riverwalk down in San Antonio last weekend for something to do.  However, it was the middle of the day and I kind of thought that any shots I would take down there would be of rather snapshot-ish quality.  Oh maybe I could’ve gone indoors somewhere, but I didn’t have too much time and it was so nice outside that going indoors wasn’t really a good option.  So, I came up with a plan…  I got this plan from the Sky Mall catalogs that you see on airplanes in the seat-backs.  They have these photo collages that spell out college names made up of shots of regular objects found throughout the various campuses.  So I thought, why not try this on the Riverwalk?  This is my attempt at that and I made a little poster out of it using some techniques from Scott Kelby and a few of my own.  What do you think? Can you tell what is spells?


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