Evan Gearing's Photography Exposition

Black and White

Couple in Light

While waiting for the baseball game between the Rangers and the Tigers to start, we grabbed a bite to eat and found a place to sit right near the edge of the stadium.  When I looked over from our table, I saw this couple walking away from us and they were getting bathed in this great light shining through the archways.  I thought it was kinda cool so a grabbed a snap.  I tried to make it pop a little more by converting to black and white and giving it a pinhole effect.  I kind of like it.  Do you?


Moon Over Grace Heritage Center

When walking around Georgetown, TX last December, the square was filled with people and the moon was peeking through some fast-moving clouds.  I took a few shots here and there on the square, but didn’t really get any shot that I was thrilled with.  Too many people around.  I did get a shot of the courthouse decorated with Christmas lights under the moon which was OK.  But, off the beaten path of the square lied the Grace Heritage Center… an old chapel that is still in use today.  The moon aligned just right with the steeple and the lights in the tree added a nice touch. 

I created an HDR and then converted it to black and white.  I did the HDR first because I wanted to make sure that I could get lots of tones in the converted black and white.  I hope you like it!

More Minimalist Mesquites

Here is a companion to my black and white mesquite tree shot I posted a little while ago.  It was funny…  When I was sitting on the service road of I-35 shooting these trees, a young kid showed up shortly after I got there and started shooting as well.  He had a tripod and a pretty nice Canon point and shoot.  He asked me if the place was popular to shoot and I told him I had no idea.  He said he saw me shooting pictures and he thought he’d stop.  He added that he was trying to get that perfect shot of a lone tree in a field.  I should have gotten his name, but I didn’t.  I wonder if he got the shot he was wanting?

Simple Mesquite Trees in Black and White

My First Official D700 Shot

Well, I’m gonna make a little change from the Jackson Hole series and post a couple shots I took with my new – new to me – D700.  I’m still waiting to purchase some lenses for it, but I do have a 50mm 1.4 that I bought a while back and used with my D300s which works with a full-framer.  So here it is.

Mesquite Trees in Black and White

So a couple of weekends ago, I was out driving around trying to find things to shoot and I didn’t have too much luck.  I went down to the Snake Farm near New Braunfels for something to do.  For some reason I always wanted to go there.  Now I have and won’t need to go there again.  Pretty touristy and not really worth it.  Might  be fun for the kids though.  Anyway, while I was driving, I noticed this area where there were nothing but mesquite trees in a grassy field on a slope.  If you get the right angle there was nothing on the horizon but sky.  I thought that might be a cool place to get some black and whites.  This spot is located on the southbound side of I-35 south of exit 195 if I remember correctly.  I have linked up the location below the shot if you are interested in going out there to shoot them yourself sometime.

Siamese Twins #2

Got My Camera Back!

Woohoo!  I finally got my camera back from the shop and can’t wait to get out there and get some new shots!  I’ll still be posting stuff from the archives, but I should have some great new content in the next few weeks!

Siamese Twins #2

Speaking of stuff from the archives, this is another shot I took of the “Siamese Twins” from the “Garden of the Gods” in Manitou Springs, CO.  It’s an HDR that I converted to black and white.  The color HDR turned out nice and I may post it some day, but I really like the textures and the sky in the black and white conversion.  Click here to see my other Siamese Twins shot.

Waikiki Sailboats

Buzzword Bingo Buzzkill

Well, in my last post, I put out something I thought was rather clever and fun.  Since then – out of curiosity – I decided to Google the words, “buzzword bingo” and all kinds of stuff popped up.  There is this one link that will do all of the work for you as far as juggling the words and putting out nice cards.  Check it out…It kind of put my little bingo idea to shame.  What a buzzkill!  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted…  Maybe I should’ve checked Google before I posted?

Waikiki Sailboats

It’s cold in almost every part of the country this time if year, except for maybe parts of California, Florida and all of Hawaii.  It can even get quite cold here in Texas.  Most of the winter it’s quite mild, but we do get the occasional ice storm as well as a few freezes.  So, when weather changes like this take place, I like to post something taken from a different climate.  So, that’s where this picture comes in.

A few years ago, we took a trip to Hawaii and stayed at a great hotel on Waikiki Beach.  As soon as we got to that hotel, we ran out to the beach to take in the view.  Way out in the water were all of these sailboats and stand-up paddle boarders (if that’s what they are called).  I thought it was just so cool and awesome!  Nothing like being on the beach in Waikiki watching sailboats!

One thing about this shot though… I took this before I got super serious with photography and got my DSLR.  I just took it with my little Lumix DMC-TZ5 and I cropped it a little and converted it to black and white. I still like it, though and I hope you do, too!

Oh, and lastly, we plan on taking another trip to Hawaii sometime this year and I will have my super serious DSLR with me to get some great shots!  I can’t wait!  Even if I wasn’t into photography, I still couldn’t wait!  It’s Hawaii!!!  Hang loose!!!

Cafe Du Monde in Black and White

Cool Robot

Check out this robot that catches a ball…  Man, they are getting smarter and smarter!  Apparently Microsoft has been somewhat instrumental in the development of this.  I used to think Google was Skynet, but maybe it’s Microsoft?  (For all of you non-nerds out there, Skynet was the corporation in the “Terminator” movies that built the machines that became self-aware and tried to wipe out the human race. It’s beginning to seem more plausible, eh? ;-))