Evan Gearing's Photography Exposition


Rusty Relaxation

This is another in my E 6th St series…  It’s a shot from the front of a place called Cheer Up Charlies…  I took a LOT of liberties with this one to give it a gritty look…  Just wanted to try some different stuff…


Driskill Bar at Christmas

Politically Incorrect Christmas Video!!!

OK..  Just for the record, I love Christmas!  It’s the best time of the year!  Other than football of course, hehe! 🙂 But, sometimes the little mischievous/devilish side of life gets to me and that pushes me to put out these little tidbits… Plus someone who shall remain unnamed sent this to me.  Again, I love Christmas…  Ho, ho ho and all that stuff!  God bless us, everyone!  With that, watch the video and I hope you have a chuckle! (Sorry Santa, but I bet this guy’s last name is Fudd!)