Evan Gearing's Photography Exposition


Misty Texas Capitol

There’s a parking garage at 9th and Lavaca which affords one a great view of the Texas capitol.  It’s a great angle for a morning shot because the sun rises in the background.  I was hoping for that on this day, but instead the weather decided to be misty and drizzly.  I’m glad it was because I think I’m happier with this shot than I would have been had it been a clear day!


Hill Country Misty Morning

When Eileen and I went out to the Hill Country a couple of weeks ago to shoot wildflowers, this view appeared while driving on Farm to Market Road 1431.  It was one of those views that made me think, “Wow, I need to capture that!”  Not sure exactly where on 1431, but I think it was around the Jonestown/Lago Vista area.

It’s funny, when I go out to shoot things such as wildflowers, my mind is also running around the landscapes I can see trying to find that “great shot”.  Sometimes it drives me crazy looking for a shot where ever I am because I feel it takes away from just enjoying what I’m seeing.  Any of you have that dilemma?  Don’t get me wrong, I like to shoot photos, but once in a while it’s just nice to enjoy where you are.

With that said, I hope you enjoy this shot and thanks for stopping by!