Evan Gearing's Photography Exposition


A Little Photo Fun (TOT)

I went to the Riverwalk down in San Antonio last weekend for something to do.  However, it was the middle of the day and I kind of thought that any shots I would take down there would be of rather snapshot-ish quality.  Oh maybe I could’ve gone indoors somewhere, but I didn’t have too much time and it was so nice outside that going indoors wasn’t really a good option.  So, I came up with a plan…  I got this plan from the Sky Mall catalogs that you see on airplanes in the seat-backs.  They have these photo collages that spell out college names made up of shots of regular objects found throughout the various campuses.  So I thought, why not try this on the Riverwalk?  This is my attempt at that and I made a little poster out of it using some techniques from Scott Kelby and a few of my own.  What do you think? Can you tell what is spells?


End of the Riverwalk

Last year, my sister Elizabeth came to visit.  She is an optometrist and there was a convention in San Antonio that she attended.  So, she came up to Georgetown to see us and then Eileen and I went down to San Antonio to spend time with her.  It was awesome!  We stayed at the Westin Hotel on the Riverwalk right downtown.  It’s within walking distance of everything.  Of course when you stay on the Riverwalk, you are always within walking distance of everything.  Anyway, that’s where this shot comes in to play.  This was taken from the balcony of our room and it’s pretty much at the end of the Riverwalk.  I especially like it because of the light streaks made by the cars on the bridge and in the parking lot in the background as well as the streak made by the little tourist boat on the river.

This is a companion piece to my other shot of the Tower Life Building I posted last year.

Thanks for taking a look at my little venture.