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My Take of a Coastal Photo

David Nightingale of www.chromasia.com is a world renowned photographer and Photoshop trainer who has mastered just about every form of photography there is, from portraits to abstracts to HDR.  He’s so good, he can make a picture of powerlines look good.  He’s one of the best I’ve seen!  I even had the honor of attending one of his courses here in Austin a few years back.  He is also a master of using Photoshop, mainly Photoshop’s curves adjustment to help transform images into great works of art.  He has an excellent photoblog as well as a great training site.  If you are really interested in getting the most out of your photos, check it out.  It’s very much worth it.

All of that being said, he put an image on his training blog that he took recently and challenged others to process it.  He was OK with the results he got from it himself, but he wanted to see what others could do.  So the following is my take.  The first shot is his original straight from his camera and the second is what I’ve done with it.  You can visit his post to see what other have done as well.

I have to add that David said he liked this version of which I posted on FB so I guess I know what I’m doing a little… 😉  What do you think?


Gas – Diesel – Supplies

When Eileen and I went to Plymouth, MA last year, we decided to take a stroll along the wharf to see if there was anything worth photographing.  I got a couple of shots of some boats and I thought this shot of this “gas station on water” was kind of cool.  Especially with the sun going down for the night.  It’s funny, out on the cape and on the islands, even the boat gas stations have to live up the “Cape Cod – cedar shingle” code or zoning laws.  I must say it looks great, but everything has that look.  If you ever get up that way, you’ll know what I mean.

I hope you enjoy the image and thanks for dropping by. (Click on the picture for a larger view.)

Orange Sky and Yellow Flowers

I don’t know what the yellow flowers in this shot are, but as the sun was setting in the Texas Hill Country, they kind of really stood out in the orange sky of the setting sun.  This time of year is the best time because the temperatures are perfect, the landscape is alive with with the full spectrum of color and you just get this sense of re-birth. Of course I’m partial to the fall, too because of football, but I digress.  I still love this time of the year as well, but the impending swelter of the summer heat that’s not far from spring makes me wish it would last just a little longer.  Or if spring could trade places with fall, that would be awesome!

Springtime in Texas

Springtime in Texas brings out some of the best scenery you will find.  When there’s rain that is.  You see, last year Texas suffered through one of the worst droughts in its history.  When there’s lack of rain, there’s a lack of vegetation.  When there’s a lack of vegetation, everything is blah.  This year, we’ve had plenty of rain since the beginning of the year and everything is grand!  This means the annual wildflowers that pop up in the springtime are blooming spectacularly!  Especially the bluebonnets, Texas’ state flower.  When those are in bloom, they can make everything look better.  Including an old rusted building.  I’m not sure what this building is or was, but don’t you think it looks great with all of the bluebonnets around it?  I do.  I took this out on Ranch Road 1320 between Stonewall and Johnson City.  Not sure exactly where out that way, but at least that’s the road Eileen and I were on.

I hope you enjoy this shot and the next few I post will be of similar shots I’ve taken while out in the hill country.